E.g. Town Country Planning Act 1971
Access To Justice Act 1990Access To Justice Act 1998Access To Justice Act 1999Access To Medical Reports Act 1988Access To Medical Reports Act 1998Access To Neighbouring Land Act 1992Access To Personal Files Act 1987Accessories And Abettors Act 1861Accident Rehabilitation And Compensation Insurance Act 1992Acquisition Of Land Act 1919Acquisition Of Land Act 1981Administration Act 1982Administration Of Estates Act 1925Administration Of Estates Act 1985Administration Of Justice Act 1920Administration Of Justice Act 1956Administration Of Justice Act 1960Administration Of Justice Act 1965Administration Of Justice Act 1969Administration Of Justice Act 1970Administration Of Justice Act 1973Administration Of Justice Act 1977Administration Of Justice Act 1981Administration Of Justice Act 1982Administration Of Justice Act 1985Administration Of Justice Act 1990Administration Of Justice Act 1999Administration Office Dates Act 1925Adminstration Of Justice Act 1973Adoption & Children Act 2002Adoption Act 1926Adoption Act 1949Adoption Act 1950Adoption Act 1958Adoption Act 1967Adoption Act 1976Adoption Act 2002Adoption And Children Act 2002Adoption And Childrens Act 2002Adoption Of Children Act 1926Adoption Of Children Act 1949Adoption Of Children Act 2002Affiliation Orders Act 1914Affiliation Proceedings Act 1957Agreement By Virtue Of Sale Of Goods Act 1979Agricultural Credits Act 1928